Cabbage three times more expensive than last year

Source: Fresh Plaza

Prices for last year’s cabbage in Ukraine continue to go up, say analysts of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project. The main reason for the rise in prices seems to be the seasonal depletion of stocks of cabbage given a quite high demand.

Taking into account the rapid decline in the stocks of cabbage in the farms, Ukrainian producers began to restrain the sale of high-quality products. This, in turn, led to another rise in prices in this segment. As a result, 2020 harvest cabbages are sold at 6-10 UAH/kg ($ 0.22-0.36/kg) today, which is on average 37% more expensive than at the end of the last working week. reports that the current prices for cabbage in Ukraine are on average 3 times higher than in the same period last year when prices varied within 2-3.5 UAH/kg ($ 0.07-0.13/kg). At the same time, key market players assume that prices for last year’s cabbage may rise even more at the beginning of next week.

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