Fairgrow partners with Visy to make fresh fruit and vegetable donations go further

Source: Fresh Plaza

Global packaging and resource recovery leader, Visy, has partnered with Fairgrow to supply sustainable packaging to ensure fresh fruit and vegetables reach Kiwis in need, in the best possible condition.

Fairgrow, a charity powered by T&G Fresh to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to Kiwis in need, launched in December last year and has since donated more than 900,000 kilograms of fresh produce to individuals and families throughout Aotearoa.

Kim Ferguson, Fairgrow Charity Manager, says one of the challenges when distributing fresh produce throughout the nation is maximising the shelf life of the perishable goods and ensuring it reaches homes in the best condition.

“Fairgrow aggregates produce from our community of generous growers and distributes it through New Zealand Food Network to a range of food hubs throughout New Zealand. Due to the delicate nature of fresh produce, quality packaging is important for transportation ease, ventilation of fruit and maximising shelf life.”

“Visy has generously donated export grade cardboard apple bins and fruit and produce cartons to package donated produce and then to be reused in food hubs across Aotearoa.”

Aaron Ashby, Visy General Manager, says the company is proud to support Fairgrow and contribute to their mission of supporting those in need.

“Visy’s network may span the breadth of New Zealand, but our operations and people are primarily part of local communities – this is one part of our commitment to making a positive difference to those communities,” said Aaron.

“Sustainability sits at the centre of Visy’s operating model. Through this partnership, not only can we help families in need, but also reduce food waste at the same time.”

Similar to Visy, Fairgrow is committed to reducing waste and finding solutions to utilise excess or surplus before it impacts the environment in the form of waste produce. The charity works with growers to capture surplus produce and ensure that any produce without a commercial home is donated to people across Aotearoa who are in need.

“We’re proud to have a generous community of like-minded partners and growers who are committed to growing healthier futures for everyone,” says Kim.

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