First Korean export of Jeju lemons to Hong Kong

Source: Fresh Plaza

According to the Eastern Agricultural Technology Center of the Jeju Agricultural Research & Extension Services, it is exporting Jeju lemons to Hong Kong for the first time.

The Eastern Agricultural Technology Center and Rural Development Administration have been discovering and cultivating promising export items to diversify the export market. In February, the Jeju lemon was selected as a prospective export item. In Jeju Province, lemons are produced on 13.5 ha, and the harvest is around 340 tons as of 2020. Reviews rate Jeju lemon highly for the freshness and safety.

The lemons exported at this point in time are cultivated at Kang Seong-hwa’s farm in Seongeup-ri, Pyoseon-myeon in Seogwipo City. They were selected and packed by Pyoseon Agricultural Cooperative, then transported to Hong Kong from Jeju Port via Incheon Port and Airport. The fruit has been promoted in Hong Kong since April 24.