Hortgro raises concerns over Produce Agents Council Amendment Bill

Source: Fresh Plaza

According to deciduous fruit industry body Hortgro, the Agricultural Produce Agents Council Amendment Bill might spell trouble for Mzansi. Hortgro has given a list of its concerns to the portfolio committee for review.

According to foodformzansi.co.za, Hortgro believes the Bill is not only “fundamentally flawed”, but also “demonstrates a lack of understanding”. Champions of the Bill, however, believe that it will protect the receipt of monies on the sales of fresh produce on local municipal markets. If implemented as proposed, it will have serious implications for the industry, foreign income and the economy, Hortgro believes.

According to the bill’s memorandum, APAC sets out to regulate the occupations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents and to maintain and enhance the status and dignity of the occupations and the integrity of persons practicing them. Hortgro’s general manager for trade and markets, Jacques du Preez, believes it is an outdated Bill that hasn’t kept up with how the global trading environment and industry has evolved.