Smurfit Kappa announces its goal of reaching zero net emissions by 2050

Source: Fresh Plaza

Smurfit Kappa, an industry leader in sustainable corrugated paper and cardboard packaging, is the first company in this sector to work towards achieving zero net emissions by 2050. This ambitious objective is included within the Better Planet 2050 initiative, which measures in a quantifiable way the company’s constant commitment to sustainability focusing on the areas in which it has the greatest impact: the supply of sustainable packaging to its customers, the reduction of its environmental impact on water consumption, waste, and carbon emissions, and supporting the communities were they operate.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the company will continue to innovate in production technologies and new products, collaborate with machinery suppliers, and invest in energy facilities. In addition, it will improve its energy and resource efficiency by producing paper products and optimizing the use of waste streams of raw materials in bioenergy production. The production of paper packaging involves intensive energy consumption compared to other sectors, so achieving zero net emissions will take a much greater effort.

Smurfit Kappa understands the challenges and changes that must be made to address the climate change crisis and reduce waste around the world. It won’t be easy, but paper packaging can help achieve it, thanks to its own recyclable, renewable, and 100% biodegradable nature.

“Our commitment to the principles of sustainability and the international agreements promoted by organizations such as the European Union or the UN (the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs or the ESG criteria, among others) have led us to develop the Better Planet 2050 initiative. We intend to take advantage of the full potential of corrugated cardboard packaging, reducing net emissions to zero, reducing waste, betting on recycling and the circular economy, and generating opportunities for the communities. We publish the goals we achieved in our Annual Sustainability Report each year, which is independently audited by KPMG, and we work with organizations such as Science Based Target to certify that we are aligned with the objectives of the Paris Agreement,” stated Ignacio Sevillano, the CEO of Smurfit Kappa Spain| Portugal| Morocco.

“We have always met the sustainability goals that we have set for ourselves and, on many occasions, we have even exceeded them: we reduced our CO₂ emissions by 32.9% when compared to 2005, and we expect to decrease them by 55% by 2025, much sooner than the goal we had for 2030. In addition, we are working hard to achieve zero net emissions by 2050,” added Susana Amaya, Quality & Food Safety & Sustainability of Smurfit Kappa Spain| Portugal| Morocco.

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