Walmart to stock ‘sustainable beef’ patties


The 1.5 million Canadians who visit Walmart each day can now buy sustainable beef patties.

Walmart Canada announced May 10 that it is purchasing beef from farms and ranches that meet the standards of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

The CRSB is a voluntary program in which beef producers can earn third-party certification for practices that are socially responsible, good for the environment, economically sound and that prioritize “the planet, people, animals and progress,” the CRSB website says.

Beef patties sold at Walmart, through its Your Fresh Market brand, will now feature the CRSB Certified label.

“Walmart Canada has been a strong partner on our sustainability journey. We’re delighted that they are now showcasing the CRSB Certified label in Walmart stores across the country. The label will help Canadians understand the sustainable practices that are used and how their food is raised, so that they can better understand how that contributes to a sustainable food system,” said Anne Wasko, chair of the CRSB and rancher from Eastend, Sask.

The CRSB isn’t a check the box, follow these practices and get certified program.

“The standard uses an ‘outcome-based’ approach… not prescribing specific ways to achieve them,” the CRSB website says. “This outcome-based model allows for the diverse ways for beef producers to demonstrate sustainable practices based on their individual operation, climate, region, soil type (and) production style.”

Walmart Canada supports the CRSB and its continuous improvement model to make beef production more sustainable.

“Walmart is committed to being a regenerative company – one that works to restore, renew and replenish our planet. Offering this new line of beef patties with sustainability certification is part of our journey and a proud moment for our entire team,” said Horacio Barbeito, president and chief executive of Walmart Canada.

“Our ongoing partnership with the CRSB helps drive the shared goal of advancing sustainability within the Canadian beef industry.”

Walmart is the first major grocer in Canada to purchase beef that is CRSB certified. McDonald’s has been buying and promoting CRSB beef and hamburgers for several years.

A portion of the beef in its Quarter-Pounder (minimum of 30 percent) is “sourced from CRSB Certified Sustainable farms and ranches,” its website says.