Andalusian strawberry exports passed €456 million last season

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development, the value of Andalusian strawberry exports – nearly 95% of which is cultivated in the province of Huelva – in the last 2019/20 campaign exceeded 456 million euro, which is nearly 3.6% lower than in the previous season.

233,620 tons of strawberries were exported, i.e. 3% less than the 240,865 tons exported in the previous season. This figure accounts for nearly 89% of the total production, which last season reached 261,185 tons, which shows the great export vocation of the Andalusian strawberry sector.

The vast majority of Andalusian strawberry exports go to the European Union and Germany is their main destination market. In the 2019/20 campaign, Germany absorbed 34.0% (32.2% in 2018/19) of Andalusian strawberry exports.

It was followed by the United Kingdom (15.7%), France (13.8%), Italy (10.1%), the Netherlands (5.3%), Portugal (4.9%), Belgium (3.4%), Austria (2.9%), Switzerland (2.6%), and Poland (2.4 %).

The price of the exported strawberry reached € 1.95/kg.

Andalusia is the country’s leading producer of strawberries (96.9%). 76.0% of the surface devoted to this crop in Andalusia is cultivated under the Integrated Production system.



Source: Fresh Plaza