April temperatures causing problems for Michigan fruit growers

Source: Fresh Plaza

This April have surprised US growers with big temperature swings. The morning of April 2nd, temperatures dropped to 16 degrees. This hard freeze damaged some of the fruit tree crop in Michiana, Michigan. Apple and peach trees received 10-20% damage, apricots had just under 10% damage and cherry trees saw 20-80% damage, reported Michigan State University analysts in their Southwest Michigan Fruit Update.

Only four days later, temperatures warmed all the way to 80 degrees, and there was a mix of 70 degree temperatures follow right after allowing more fruit trees to continue their track to bloom, which we are seeing now. Most fruit trees here in Michiana are either at or just about to bloom, says abc57.com.

For Palisade, Colorado, a blast of arctic cold is underway this week. It will bring near record low temperatures for some areas along with wind and snow. Denver.cbslocal.com claims this news is not what farmers on Colorado’s Western Slope want to hear just one year after losing most of their peach crop to a hard freeze.

Photo source: Dreamstime.com