Arla UK targets 50% growth of organic dairy business

The group’s growth plans – which would see its annual organic dairy business in the UK grow from 180m to 270m litres – followed a strong year for the organic sector, with sales up 9.4% in the last 12 months.

Arla expected to source the initial part of the growth ambition for its organic business primarily through increased production from existing organic farmers.

New measures

It also announced a new set of criteria for its farmers producing organic milk, in addition to regular industry standards. Due to come into effect from January 2022, farmers will be measured against the Organic 2.0 on their contributions to soil health, impact on the climate and treatment of animals.

This will include conducting a carbon assessment of the soil to create a baseline for measuring further improvements, accelerate Arla’s 30% carbon dioxide emission reduction target from 2030 to 2028 and Increase the minimum number of days that cows are on grass from 120 to 150.

A full list of these new criteria can be found in the box below.

Organic dairy trend

Arla UK managing director Ash Amirahmadi said: “Just like in other parts of Europe, we believe the trend of organic dairy will continue to grow in the UK and with our new and improved organic standards we want to make it even more attractive for British consumers to choose organic when they are shopping in the dairy aisle.”

“Historically, organic farmers have often been the ones to establish new practices in these areas, and with these revised standards, they are once again forging new paths.”