Armando introduces new range of plum tomato products

Source: Fresh Plaza

“This new tomato product range is part of the project we are working on for Pasta Armando,” explains Fabrizio Nucifora (in the photo) Brand Sales & Marketing Director at De Matteis Agroalimentare. 

We are talking about the new I Rossi di Armando range, made using exclusively the most prestigious and sweet plum tomatoes grown with integrated farming techniques which combine a reduced use of plant protection products with biotechnological methods. The range includes Plum tomato sauce, Peeled plum tomatoes and Yellow tomatoes from a fully-traced and certified chain.

“The project does not just concern pasta, but also sauces. We had already noticed the good feedback from consumers, so we opted for a more structured presence.”

Grown in Apulia and Campania, plum tomatoes are harvested and processed safeguarding people, food security and high-quality with fully-traceable procedures. 

“To obtain the best purées and preserves capable of exalting all pasta recipes and more, plum tomatoes are harvested in the height of summer, when they reach a excellent ripening and Brix levels. The favorable climate and environmental conditions of the cultivation territories, which are located near the sea, mean tomatoes ripen gradually.”

The produce is selected and processed within a few hours from harvesting so as to keep its freshness and nutritional properties unaltered. Tomatoes are processed with the utmost care at a low temperature and boast the typical aroma of freshly-harvested tomatoes.

“The new I Rossi range works well with Armando products, the high-quality pasta line made exclusively with Italian wheat. The line was created in 2010 by President Cavaliere del Lavoro Armando Enzo De Matteis and is commercialized all over Italy as well as in over 10 foreign countries.”

The high-quality of Armando products is expressed through the values of equity, sustainability and food safety. In addition to guaranteeing the full traceability of raw materials, processing complies with verified and certified protocols:

  • ISO22005: traceability system in the food supply
  • UNI 11233: integrated production systems in agricultural food chains 
  • SA 8000: international standard certifying ethical behavior during all processing phases when it comes to: respect for human and workers’ rights; protection against child labor, health and safety in the workplace. 

Plum tomato purée.
Velvety texture, sweet flavor and fresh aroma of freshly-harvested tomatoes make the Armando tomato purée perfect for all kinds of recipes. Available in 320g jars. 

Peeled plum tomatoes
Firm consistent texture, no peel for the more demanding customers. Armando peeled plum tomatoes are the ideal choice for fresh sauces and fish and shellfish dishes. Available in 400g tins. 

Yellow plum tomatoes.
Grown in Valle dell’Irno in Cilento, Armando yellow plum tomatoes have a sweet delicate flavor. Small in size, they are placed whole in water and salt to preserve their intense flavor. Ideal for gourmet pizzas and fish or vegetable dishes, or in salads. Available in 400g tins.

The I Rossi di Armando range is available in stores and online at:

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