Artificial intelligence victorious in Chinese fruit growing competition

Source: Fresh Plaza

Experts in artificial intelligence have beaten some of the world’s best strawberry growers in a Chinese competition to see who could grow the most fruit. Three teams of top traditional growers were set against four teams of AI experts in the contest, organised by China Agricultural University and Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo.

The competition kicked off in May 2020. Early on, the traditional growers led the way using their growing experience and agricultural knowledge. But the AI teams gradually caught up by employing internet-enabled devices such as intelligent sensors, data analysis and fully digital greenhouse automation. In the end, they produced 196 per cent more strawberries than the traditional growers. The AI teams also outperformed the farmers in return on investment by an average of 75.5%.

According to, the result supported China’s plans to overhaul its smallholder farming culture with extensive digitalisation in many areas.


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