Authorities in Granada deactivated an explosive device from WW I found in a shipment of French vegetables

Source: Fresh Plaza

TEDAX-NRBQ agents of the Eastern Andalusian Police in Granada have neutralized an explosive device from World War I that an employee of a food company found in one of the food processing machines, upon receipt of a shipment of vegetables from France.

The event took place around midnight on the 24th when CIMACC-091 agents received a call related to the discovery of a hand grenade on the premises of a Granada company . After a first assessment, the police officers called the bomb squad, who verified that the artefact was a fragmentation grenade of British origin that corresponded to the models used in the First World War and that, given its poor state of conservation, it had to be moved to be deactivated.

The vegetables and the explosive arrived that same day from a town in northern France where the British and French forces faced German troops during World War I ( 1914-1918).

The National Police has warned the public that the discovery of any explosive device must be immediately brought to the attention of the Security Forces and that they should avoid manipulating them, as their explosive load can remain intact and they could be very dangerous.