Banana exports up 5,082 tons YoY in Q1-2021

Source: Fresh Plaza

According to the Banana Association ASSOBACAM, Cameroon exported 54,900 tons of bananas in Q1- 2021. Compared with the 49,818 tons the country exported over the same period in 2020, this represents an increase of 5,082 tons.

This performance was mainly due to the exports of state-owned agribusiness Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC). Indeed, in Q1-2020, the company did not export bananas because it stopped operations in September 2018 due to the sociopolitical crisis shaking the two anglophone regions since 2016. It only resumed operations in May 2020 and between January and March 2021, it exported 5,317 tons of banana.

In Q2-2021, the year-on-year rise recorded in the country’s Q1-2021 banana exports will improve further. In its Q2-2021  business cycle analysis report, the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) forecasts that in Cameroon, banana production will rise in Q2, 2021. According to, this rise, the central bank explains, will be noticeable in all the production areas, including the Southwest where the producer (CDC) is planning to renovate 520 hectares of banana plantations. 

CDC to renovate 520 hectares of banana plantations this year  
Between April and June 2021, Cameroon’s banana production will increase, according to the Q2-2021 business cycle analysis recently published by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC). According to, this rise will be noticed in all of the country’s production areas, ‘including the Southwest, where the main producer plans to renovate 520 hectares [of banana plantations] in 2021.’ 

In the Southwest, the main banana producer is none other than state-owned agribusiness company Cameroon Development Corporation. However, CDC -which also exploits rubber and oil palm plantations- has been the main victim of the socio-political crisis ongoing in the Northwest and Southwest regions since late 2016.