Better prices for Ukrainian onion producers at last

Source: Fresh Plaza

For the first time since the summer of 2020, Ukrainian producers have managed to get good prices for their onions. Although the growth rates are still quite insignificant, the very fact that the prices have started increasing has already inspired some optimism among local farmers, who still have substantial stocks of products.

Onions were relatively cheap almost everywhere in the 2020/21 season, and the pace of sales and prices continued to disappoint producers. Moreover, the lowest price for onion in the region was recorded in Ukraine, and it almost did not change since July 2020. reports that, at the end of the previous week, onion prices in Ukraine rarely exceeded 4.50 UAH/kg ($ 0.16/kg). Farmers are now ready to sell high-quality onions at 4.00-5.00 UAH/kg ($ 0.14-0.18/kg), and onions of bad quality are sold from 3.00 UAH/kg ($ 0.11/kg).

The producers themselves report that, despite a significant supply of onions on the market, the demand for high-quality products has slightly increased this week. Wholesale companies and supermarket chains began to actively replenish onion stocks ahead of the long May holidays, and farmers managed to push prices up. Moreover, the share of low-quality onions on the market has slightly decreased, and the number of high-quality onions has increased.