Bilodev, new packaging station of Relais Vert

Source: Fresh Plaza

Relais Vert continues its growth with the opening of Bilodev, a new packaging station entirely devoted to organic food products and equipped with the following:

– a vertical bagging machine

– an associative weighing machine

– a volumetric filler

– a linear weighing machine

– a line entirely dedicated to the packaging of aromatherapy products: essential oils, vegetable oils and organic hydrolats, whose quality is controlled by the expertise of the company’s aromatologist.


Legumes, cereals and dried fruit are among the products which Bilodev packages at this new promising site of 3,000 m². Located in Monteux (Vaucluse), near the logistics site of Relais Vert, part of the warehouse is used for the packaging station and the other part for the storage of raw materials.

In line with the responsible commitments of the Relais Vert group, waste management and anti-waste are key priorities at the packaging station. Organized collection of cardboard and plastic waste, treatment of food waste through a return to the earth in partnership with the company Nextri, use of LED lighting and contracts with a “green energy” guarantee are among the concrete actions taken to reduce environmental impact.

The company’s marketing team is able to accompany partners in the design, graphic realization and regulation of their packaging. 

By investing in this new station, Relais Vert confirms its desire to control the entire production chain. From the TG DOC cereal chain to the consumer, via the Bilodev packaging station and the distribution of its own brands through its logistics platform, Relais Vert is able to guarantee quality and constant traceability of its products.

About Relais Vert
An independent family-owned company since 1986, Relais Vert is a historical wholesaler of organic products. Based in Carpentras (Vaucluse), the group now has 270 employees. As a true link between manufacturers, producers and stores specialized in organic products, Relais Vert has been developing, for over 30 years, complementary expertise: sourcing, packaging, supply, transport and advice. Its mission: working for the balance of the organic ecosystem through various objectives:

. to innovate even further;

. to provide a wider offer of products while remaining uncompromising on quality;

. to assist French craftsmen and local productions by supporting the agricultural, poultry and cereal sectors;

. to make a sustainable commitment, from producer to consumer, with respect for the environment and through strong values.

About TG DOC
TG DOC was born out of a common desire from Cyril Baland (director of Baland bakeries) and the Relais Vert group to promote agro-ecology and organic farming in the French department of the Gers. TG DOC therefore provides: storage, sorting, hulling, grinding on stone millstone to obtain quality flour, laboratory analysis on site and bagging. Eager to produce differently, TG DOC studies the land with a network of seed growers in order to cultivate historical and ancient wheat locally, and to offer cereals of exceptional organoleptic qualities.

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