“Calinda is no ordinary organic strawberry”

New in Eosta’s product range are the organic Club Variety Calinda Strawberries. Not an ordinary organic strawberry according to Eosta, but a “premium club variety that not everyone can feed”.

“It’s a protected variety from our organic Nature & More growers in Spain, who have many years of experience and their own packaging site. The Calinda is known as a very juicy strawberry with a soft bite and excellent taste, that is much sweeter than the traditional varieties. Another characteristic is the conical shape and consistent red and shiny appearance. Together with the fact that the shelf life is long (2-3 days longer than conventional), the Calinda is “the ultimate tastemaker”.

The first organic club variety Calinda strawberries have been harvested in Spain and can be supplied by Eosta on a daily basis. Packaged 8x250gr, in a sustainable punnet made of sugar cane waste material, with or without N&M logo. 

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