Cambodian vegetable production at 716,000 tons in 2020

As the government efforts to shore up the agricultural sector in these times of Covid-19 have been quite successful, Cambodia’s vegetable production for the domestic market has increased significantly last year.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon, the government supports the people and encourages them to devote more resources toward the cultivation of safe, good-quality fruits and vegetables to supply to the domestic market and reduce imports.

This has resulted in the total area for vegetable cultivation reaching 57,208 ha at the end of 2019, which yielded 681,099 tons that year. In 2020, vegetable production climbed to 716,113 tons, which Sakhon said was equivalent to 68 per cent of total domestic demand.

However, he pointed out that the domestic needs still required vegetable imports of 329,612 tons.


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Source: Fresh Plaza