Canada’s favourite oat yogurt Yoats wins Best New Product Awards 2021 


YOATS™ harnesses nutritional superpower of Canadian-grown oats, rich in protein, probiotics and heart-healthy beta glucan

March 1, 2021 – Cambridge, ON

Yoats, Canada’s first and and now favourite oat yogurt, has won an award in the category of best oat yogurt for the 2021 Best New Product awards. 

Innovation and health is strongly represented in this year’s Best New Product Awards where more than 18,000 Canadians voted. The awards include the latest in beauty, health, personal care, food, beverage and home goods in 82 categories. The results also show that Canadians feel research and development is consistently leading to better products and that sustainability is increasingly important when it comes to purchasing a new product. 

When Yoats first launched Canada-wide in 2019 it met the market’s increasing demand for plant-based, wholesome, nutritious foods packed with protein and as few ingredients as possible. Yoats give people the choice to enjoy flavours like blueberry and vanilla without the added sugar or sweetener that is so common in the yogurt market. Oats are also an exciting new ingredient because they are both sustainable and a nutritional powerhouse, as well as a success story in Canadian agriculture. 

Yoso co-founder Francis Lo comments, “We were very pleased to be voted the number one oat yogurt by Canadian consumers. There’s a rich history of food innovation in our family, specifically in developing dairy alternatives, so it’s great to see this is something Canadians value. We see it as our responsibility and our life’s work to continue bringing sustainable, wholesome, delicious options to Canadians.” 

Yoats is the latest innovation from Yoso, who for 20+ years has been bringing plant-based products to Canada’s yogurt category. Yoso was an early leader in soy-based foods, and the first to introduce coconut yogurt, a staple on grocery shelves today. With the introduction of YOATS, it is once again forging new territory by tapping into the tremendous potential of oats.

Yoats is available in more than 400 stores across Canada in UNsweetened flavours including plain, vanilla and blueberry.