Central Alabama growers prepare crops for low temperatures

Source: Fresh Plaza

The current cold snap has some central Alabama farmers worried about the temperatures, which could harm their crops. Farmers like Jeremy Calvert in Bremen, Alabama are laying tarps and sheets over their crops to keep them warm.

“To somebody that works an hourly job, it would be the equivalent of you continuing to work for two or three weeks and not getting paid,” Calvert said. He grows all kinds of fruits like strawberries, peaches, and blackberries, even vegetables like cabbage and collard greens. But low temperatures can cause serious harm.

Calvert says the vegetables he grows should be ok with the current temperatures, as long as it doesn’t get below 20 degrees. However, this does not go for his fruit crops. “But all of our fruit crops are extremely susceptible to cold weather. They just can’t handle it,” Calvert told wkrg.com.