Cherry producers face the cold

Source: Fresh Plaza

Cherry producers are worried about losses, after the record cold temperatures on Monday night in the region of Orléans. With temperatures down to -5.4°, losses could reach 50%.

Jean-Noël Gidoin, president of the Loiret cherry producer association and arboriculturist in St Hilaire-St Mesmin, explained on the French radio station France Bleu that “any cold spell is detrimental in April, because we are in the middle of the flowering period for cherry trees, which are then very vulnerable. Two nights in a row with such low temperatures for such a long time, it will certainly cause damage, which may be irreversible.”

Protection of the orchards
“Part of the orchards are covered with tarp, we placed candles underneath to try to maintain the heat and we went around the farm all night to make sure that the candles stayed lit.”