China may challenge Taiwan mango exports to Japan

Source: Fresh Plaza

Following China’s ban on pineapples from Taiwan, it will now pose another challenge to the latter, as it is to start exporting mangoes to Japan. The pineapple ban -from March 1- was seen as a politically motivated step, even though Beijing alleged that “harmful creatures” had infested some batches of the exotic fruit. Soon relabeled as “Freedom Pineapples,” they were popular with Taiwanese consumers and exported to countries such as Japan.

Now, China is planning to export its own fruit in what could be construed as an attempt to challenge the Taiwanese competition. The Chinese mango variety is known for being cheap, but fruit traders are unsure whether pricing will be used in Japan to undermine the success of more expensive Taiwanese mangoes.

According to¸ there are also doubts about the origin of Chinese mangoes, with one theory implying they were the same as a mango variety planted by a Taiwanese businessman on the island of Hainan.

The Council of Agriculture reportedly contacted Japan’s government about the Chinese mangoes, but it was reticent to reply as the matter involved trade talks between Japan and China. Accordin to COA officials, it is still too soon to tell whether the Chinese mangoes, if they entered the Japanese market in June, would pose a threat to Taiwan fruit.