“Chinese apple reserve sets historical record”

The apple harvest of 2020 is already stored in warehouses. Farmers maintained a high asking price and were were unwilling to sell, which led to the volume in storage reaching a record high. A spokesperson for Shandong AWT Bio-tech Co., Ltd., a leading company in apple preservation bio-technology, recently shared data on the production and storage of apples this season, and they also shared their suggestion on keeping apples fresh in the remainder of the season.

“There are many rumors in the industry that the apple production volume will greatly decline, but based on the sales volume of apple preservatives, we expect the production volume to increase and the apple reserves to expand. In many major production areas farmers entered more than 80% of their apples into storage.

“The overall apple reserves is around 12.3 million tons. In Shandong and Gansu nearly 85% and 82% of the respective production volumes were stored in warehouses. The percentage of top-quality and large apples was relatively small in these areas, but the asking price was still high. The farmers entered their apples into storage rather than selling at low prices. In Shaanxi there is another problem. The number of young trees is relatively high and the quality control is not strict enough, so that the product quality is not uniform, which slows down the sales speed. The apples that can not be absorbed by the market are stored in warehouses. That is why the apple reserve is huge this year, around 83% in Shaanxi,” explained manager Wang.

AWT Bio-technology has been in the apple preservation industry for more than 33 years. They have also gathered more than 15 years of apple storage data from large clients. They are using this data to further improve their customer service. AWT Bio-technology works closely together with apple production areas and has done so for years. They are intimately familiar with the details of production, storage, and retail from storage. They provide the most up-to-date information every month and create reliable data for the industry.

When asked about the market prospects in the second half of this season, manager Wang explained, “Market demand grows in late December when the holidays are about to arrive. In addition, the demand for smaller apples is growing, so the first apples from storage are already on the market. The apple reserve will further shrink as suppliers start to receive new orders.”

As a specialized apple preservation manufacturer, manager Wang also shared suggestions related to the management of keeping apples fresh throughout the season. “There are many factors that influence the apple market in the second half of the season. The apple reserve is huge because the purchase price was too high for many traders, but the huge reserves in turn increase the risk of spoiled apples. Companies will have to strengthen their cold storage management, especially when it comes to lowering the core temperature of apples. The core temperature has to be around -1 degree Celsius. At the same time, the warehouse needs to be well ventilated to reduce the presence of CO2.”

Consumers have increasingly high requirements when it comes to product quality and freshness. That is why AWT Bio-technology continues to improve their preservation injections. The aim is to better preserve the nutrients and freshness of apples. “Our preservation injections use 1-MCP to inhibit ethylene inside apples and in their immediate environment. This inhibition slows down the breathing process and thus extends the shelf-life of apples. 1-MCP is green and safe. There is no residue. Furthermore, 1-MCP is convenient to use and the price is low. Using 1-MCP makes economic sense as the shelf-life can be extended by 50%-100%. The reasonably priced 1-MCP products can significantly reduce the cost price of storage and retail for fruit suppliers.”

When asked about the distinct advantages offered by AWT Bio-technology, manager Wang replied, “our greatest selling point is the wide variety of products we offer. We provide preservation products for every step of the supply chain, whether in the field, in cold storage, during transport, or in the packaging facility. We can deliver suitable products based on the requirements of every customer.”

Shandong AWT Bio-technology has their own dedicated research team, but also cooperates with many research institutes in China. The company constantly improves the production technology and manufacturing process, as well as the functionality and effectiveness of their products. In addition, the company aims to keep the cost price as low as possible. AWT Bio-technology is registered as an official supplier of 1-MCP products in China, Turkey, and Colombia, and working closely together with retailers in other countries. The company is currently looking for more strategic partners to expand sales across the globe.

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