Chinese market prices for imported mangoes take a fall

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Chinese market price of import mangoes remained between 2-8 yuan [0.30-1.22 USD] per 0.5 kg in 2021. The delivery speed was regular. There will be no significant changes in the mango supply volume in the short term. These conditions are not ideal for a price rise. On the contrary, a slight price decline is becoming more obvious. Like many agricultural products, the price of mangoes changes throughout the year as seasons pass. The period between late March and early May is the peak period of the sales season for mangoes from Sanya, Hainan. The overall production volume is not that large yet, but demand is already growing. However, the sales conditions do not just depend on the mangoes, but also on the competition with other fruit varieties.

Walmart has full shelves stocked with a wide variety of mangoes. One of the sellers explained that this is the time of year when Hainan mangoes enter the market in large volumes. The price is lower than before. The price of Dajinhuang mangoes was still more than 10 yuan [1.52 USD] per 0.5 kg a few days ago, but has now dropped below the 10 yuan mark. The price of early-season mangoes used to be much higher and farmers made a healthy profit. These days more farmers invest in early-season varieties as well as plantation technology, which means that the early-season supply volume continuously grows.

The annual production volume of mangoes continues to expand. It is not difficult to imagine the price dropping to a low point. Even though the price of Hainan mangoes is falling, the import volume of mangoes continues to grow. Two-thirds of the mangoes on the Chinese market are Gaolemi and Dajinhuang mangoes from Vietnam.

Land rent in Vietnam is cheaper and the labor cost is low. The overall surface area devoted to mango plantation in Vietnam continues to grow. Even though Vietnamese mangoes are an import product, their price is often as low as the price of Hainan mangoes. However, Vietnamese farmers use less chemical pesticide, and their mangoes are sweeter and more delicious. That is why Chinese consumers prefer Vietnamese mangoes. This year the mango sales volume grew, but the purchase price and the sales price both dropped.