Chinese Wuxian tangerine season is open

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Wuxian tangerine is a relatively recent variety. Farmers only began planting this variety a few years ago. The production volume is not that large, but the unique flavor of this tangerine as well as the staggered production season have quickly won over the Chinese market.

The new retail season of Wuxian tangerines begins in April. The pre-order season has already begun. Mr. Yi, spokesperson for Guangxi Jiezhiyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., recently talked about the current market conditions for Wuxian tangerines.

“This is the peak period of the Orri mandarin sales season. The Orri market has been unpredictable for years. This market is quite challenging for farmers and traders. When Orri mandarins became popular, they were considered a high-end market product. The retail price was high and market demand exceeded supply. But many farmers quickly shifted their production to Orri mandarins in an attempt to benefit from its popularity. The production volume expanded and market supply began to exceed demand. The high-end Orri mandarin became a regular market fruit. I think that the price will drop even further this year because the production volume is still growing. Of course, this also offers commercial opportunities for Wuxian tangerines,” said manager Yi.

Wuxian tangerines enter the market in large volumes in late April when the Orri mandarins have just left the market. The pre-order season is already open. The pre-order purchase price of top-quality Wuxian tangerines is around 5.5-6.5 yuan [0.84-0.99 USD] per 0.5 kg, while the price of second-grade fruit is around 1-1.5 yuan [0.15-0.23 USD] per 0.5 kg.

Wuxian tangerines look a lot like Orri mandarins, but they are juicier and their sugar content can be as high as 16%. “This newly-cultivated tangerine variety only came on the market in large volumes last year. The Wuxian tangerine is not yet as well known as other tangerine and mandarin varieties, but we have received great market feedback. There is a large market demand for Wuxian tangerines.

“In addition to the unique flavor, Wuxian tangerines also benefit from their staggered production season. The peak period of Wuxian tangerine sales is between April and June every year. That is the time of year when Orri mandarins have just left the market, and Shatang tangerines have not yet entered the market. Wuxian tangerines take advantages of this window in the market,” explained manager Yi.

“The Wuxian tangerine is easily managed and resistant to most insect pests and plant diseases. They have a huge production volume per hectare and the product quality is great. That is why we encourage farmers to begin growing our Wuxian tangerines.”

Wuxian tangerines primarily supply the Chinese domestic market. The production volume is still too small for exports. Jiezhiyuan Agricultural Development plans to expand production in Laibin by 7-20 thousand hectares in the next 3-5 years. They hope the Wuxian tangerine will receive recognition as a ‘regional characteristic product’.

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