Cold snap freezes early asparagus

Source: Fresh Plaza

In Norfolk County, low temperatures have interrupted an unusually early asparagus harvest.

Marc Wall, co-owner of Sandy Shore Farms near Fairground: “Three weeks ago, it looked like asparagus was going to be early this year.” This meant that, encouraged by unseasonable warm days, asparagus spears began shooting out of the ground well ahead of schedule.

But Wall said on Wednesday: “Well, I woke up this morning to about five inches of snow. We’re hoping those little spears poking out of the ground are actually insulated by the snow, to try and save them,” Wall said. “But anything above that snow line is completely toast.”

The sudden snowfall may have actually helped the early crop survive; some of it, anyway. Spring freezes are not unprecedented, but Wall said the scene that greeted him in the fields on Wednesday was a first.

“I’ve never seen it before where there’s snow on my asparagus spears,” he told Wall expects this cold snap, followed by warmer temperatures next week, will put asparagus back on its usual timeline of an early May harvest, with local stalks likely to hit store shelves around May 15.

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