“Cold weather in Huelva has caused some delays in strawberry production”

“The Spanish strawberry season started earlier than usual. The first small volumes arrived at the end of November / beginning of December because more was planted in pots,” says Polina Valkanova of Special Fruit. “After the early start to the season, the cold weather in recent weeks has caused a delay in production, which is currently being felt in the market. In addition to the impact of the cold on strawberry production in Huelva, the snow in the north of Spain is also causing logistical problems that are causing some delays in arrivals. At the end of this week, more sunny days and a rise in temperature are expected in Huelva. This should give production the necessary boost. ”

The demand for strawberries is strong at this time of the year, according to Polina. “The quality of the Spanish strawberries is a lot more reliable compared to that of the other Southern origins. The shorter logistics lines also ensure that the fruit reaches the consumer a lot fresher. Although the strawberry consumption in the winter period is less than in the local season, it does increase thanks to the better quality of some varieties, especially that of Calinda. The peak times in the winter period are during Valentine’s Day, when the strawberries are packaged in attractive heart packaging, and during Easter. ”

“We notice that the demand for Calinda is much more stable due to the confidence in this strawberry. The constant quality, taste and appearance ensure a good demand. We see that Calinda is much tastier and juicier than most Southern varieties. On top of that are the long shelf life and resistance to weather fluctuations, which is reflected in the constant quality of the strawberry,” notes Valkanova. The Spanish strawberry season runs until the end of April / beginning of May. “Most varieties start to deteriorate when it gets really hot in Huelva. However, the Calinda season will last until June, so we can enjoy this delicious strawberry for months to come.”

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