“Companies realize that with a structural solution for agricultural dust and skins they are better off for the future”

For more than thirty years, Jongejans Luchttechniek has been fully devoted to providing solutions for agricultural dust and loose skins. Despite the coronavirus crisis, the market leader from Den Helder reports that there is a great need from the agricultural sector to invest in extraction. In order to remain clearly visible domestically, the company has appointed two new representatives for the Dutch market: Jim van der Voort and Rémon Koopman, who will maintain existing and new relationships.

Jim van der Voort and Rémon Koopman

Jim van der Voort (26) has always been interested in the agricultural sector and, after working in retail for a number of years, made the switch to Jongejans. He will be responsible for sales in North Holland, South Holland and Zeeland. Rémon Koopman (28) also comes from a completely different sector, since he was an account manager for an IT company. As a representative, he will be the point of contact for agricultural customers in the other nine Dutch provinces. Since November, both representatives have attended a training course to gain product knowledge and are now ready to serve extraction solutions to the Dutch agricultural sector. Remon’s first impression is that agricultural companies are very hospitable. “You are welcome everywhere and customers have very specific questions. You can really help people.”

Jongejans is by far the leader in the Dutch market for extraction in potatoes, onions, flower bulbs and seeds, which, according to Jesse Vonk, is a major advantage for the customer. “Since we have been able to supply about 90% of the agricultural market with our extraction systems, we have experience with all types of processing and packaging lines, and we are able to apply this specific knowledge. From harvesting to packaging, the entire process is geared towards one goal: delivering beautiful, cleanly packaged products to customers. Customers realize that if they invest in a structural solution for agricultural dust and skins, they are better off and ready for the future.”

Tackling particulate matter
“Tackling particulate matter, among other things, is pre-eminently something for the long term. First of all, extraction results in a cleaner product because of the extraction of dust and skins, but more and more processors are also using our systems to protect the health of their staff, guaranteeing a safe working environment. We see newer generations taking this seriously. They want to have good working conditions and thus invest in the health of themselves and their employees,” says Jesse. “Every customer benefits from a properly functioning extraction system. Good extraction ensures better operation of machines, less dust in the room and cleaner products.”

“A lot of dust is released during the tailing, sorting and packaging of onions. With the advance of optical sorting machines, a cleaner product is becoming increasingly important, because you want to prevent lines from jamming at all costs. This market requires an integrated approach. Nowadays, we strive to ensure a clean production process throughout the entire factory. We draw our projects in 3D. This way, the customer gets to see the whole picture and can visualize the line well in advance. This way, the entire extraction will look exactly as the customer wants it to be,” says Jesse.

Remote monitoring
“An important development in recent years has been that we build the installations in such a way that we can monitor them remotely. This way, we can remotely monitor faults and proactively think along and quickly resolve the first questions online. Especially in this past year, in which the coronavirus crisis has made traveling difficult, this has been a very nice addition, greatly appreciated by the customers. By compiling data we can often resolve faults remotely, but also automatically schedule maintenance intervals and ensure that the technician is provided with the correct parts, so that the customer can continue to run optimally and carefree.”

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