Connecting guacamole deeper with sports

Source: Fresh Plaza

While it’s long been a staple on the side of nachos or fajitas, there’s a move towards taking guacamole beyond being paired with just Mexican dishes. “It’s become much more of a staple in people’s homes as avocado-based items become more popular. We have an opportunity to expand household penetration of the category as we introduce more consumers and products to the space,” says Mandy Bottomlee, director of content marketing for Pleasant Prairie, WI-based Good Foods Group.

Good Foods produces a variety of hand-scooped guacamole products and this year is moving further into making the connection between the dip and sporting events other than the Superbowl, a peak avocado-consumption event. Part of this includes its recently launched “Game Day is Guac Day” promotion.

Targeting home gatherings
“With restaurants and bars being closed or opened in limited capacity this year, consumers have been spending more time at home watching their games and events,” says Bottomlee. “We expect to see a rise in demand around specific sporting events.” The most recent example of this is the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, opening day of baseball season and in the fall, football season.” Of course, guacamole and avocado consumption also spikes on holidays not connected with sporting events, such as Cinco de Mayo.

Good Foods has also expanded its guacamole offerings besides its two main products–Chunky Guacamole and Spicy Guacamole. Along with offering single-serve sizing, it has party-sizes available in 16 oz. and also recently launched a foodservice page on its site.

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