costs rise, rice protein powders launched

Cambridge Commodities launches clear rice protein powders

Cambridge Commodities has announced the launch of a range of plant-based clear rice protein powders – described by the company as the first in its range of clear plant proteins.

Cressida Cable, head of product development said: “Traditionally, plant-based protein powders can be gritty and can cause digestive discomfort. We recognised by using hydrolysed rice protein, we could mitigate this effect whilst still giving our customers a plant-based option.”

The range initially has three ready-made flavours: Cherry Cola, Tropical, and Strawberry & Kiwi with further flavour launches planned. There was also the opportunity to develop bespoke flavour blends upon request, the supplier said, adding that all the products had an excellent amino acid profile and provided 10g of protein per 14g serving.

Cambridge Commodities has also incorporated its latest ingredient innovation, Librifoam into the formulation of the powders. Librifoam is a silicone anti-foaming agent designed to minimise unwanted foam during processing. The clear rice protein range included no added sugar, was easy to dissolve and had low viscosity, the company said.

Synergy Flavours expands natural fruit flavours and essences

Inspiring fruits_no logo_lowres

Synergy Flavours has launched Inspiring Fruits, a collection of fruit flavour essences to add to its Synergy Pure range. The collection offered manufacturers a broader range of natural solutions to suit a variety of food and drink applications, the company said.