Covid hasn’t stopped the asparagus sector

Another 15 asparagus harvesters were shipped from the Bagioni Technology headquarters to Italy (in Foggia), France and Eastern Europe. This is a sign that there is still a certain optimism and hope towards the future. “Entrepreneurs are aware that technology is an investment that improves the yields and the final quality not only of the product, but also that of the workers,” explained the owner Aurenzo Bagioni.

 Some of the machines shipped on 22 January 2021

About 30% of the machines supplied use lithium batteries (see Freshplaza of 09/25/2020), which allow longer life and lower weight. ” All the white asparagus harvesters are being requested with on-board computer and Stop&Go safety technology (see Freshplaza of 10/12/2018). Agriculture 4.0 is gaining momentum. In our case, in addition to tax discounts, we can control the machine even remotely”.

Aurenzo Bagioni

Despite the difficult period for the agricultural sector, “Sometimes, some entrepreneurs requested machines to entirely automate the picking of certain vegetables. Basically, full-fledged robots. However, they don’t realize that it takes at least three years and a lot of investment to make such a prototype. Moreover, it is not certain that it will be successful. Therefore it is necessary to proceed with much caution,” said Bagioni.

“We have many years experience in the asparagus sector and we have been receiving more requests for A10 plastic film winders” (see Freshplaza, 11/07/2017).

Source: Fresh Plaza