Cricket frass has bio-stimulant properties

A&L Biological Inc., a subsidiary of A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., is going to research and develop products from cricket frass.

The Aspire Food Group is building a cricket production and processing facility in London

Frass contains a wide range of nutrients in readily-available form that are necessary for plant development and soil health, in addition to key soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Most of the frass consists of organic matter – which is a contributor to improved soil fertility and productivity.

A&L will provide expertise and specialized knowledge of bio-stimulant technology to develop bio-based fertilizer from cricket frass for sustainable and improved crop production. 

“Frass at this scale is a new resource for agriculture production,” said Dr. Soledad Saldías, Research Lab Director & Special Projects for A&L Biologicals. “We will be researching the benefits for plant growth, soil health and nutrient uptake on the soil microbiome and microbial processes.”