Croatian fruit growers fear damages due to morning frosts

Source: Fresh Plaza

Yesterday, Croatian Fruit Growers’ Association president Branimir Markota said that the real extent of damage due to the unusually cold weather – with snow and early morning frosts – will only be known in a couple of weeks.

“We have been in contract with the agriculture ministry during the entire time of low temperatures last week and again last night, and have discussed the possible consequences these unfavourable conditions will have for fruit growers. The real extent of the damage will only be visible in a few weeks and once we know it and depending on the possibilities, we will certainly seek assistance,” Markota said.

There might be a huge problem in the making, as insurance policies do no cover damage caused by frost that occurred prior to 10 April, he said.  That’s something that will be discussed with insurance companies and the ministry which covers 70% of the cost of insurance premiums from Measure 17 of the Rural Development Programme, Markota told

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