Director Kevin Smith opening Mooby’s pop-up restaurant in Vancouver


Mooby’s is a fictional cartoon cow-themed fast food joint that was featured in Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II

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Hollywood director and occasional Vancouverite Kevin Smith is opening a real pop-up version of his fictional Mooby’s restaurant in the city.

Mooby’s is an oft-referenced cartoon cow-themed fast food joint from Smith’s View Askewniverse that was featured in his films Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II, where it served as the movie’s main location.

The Vancouver Mooby’s pop-up will take up residency in the Dublin Calling Pub at 900 Granville St. starting March 8.

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Smith, who famously attended (and dropped out) of the Vancouver Film School before scoring a cult hit with his indie feature Clerks in 1994, still works here regularly directing episodes of Supergirl and The Flash.

“It’s so wonderfully trippy to bring Mooby’s to Vancouver — the city that acted as the gateway to my future in film, way back in 1992. Five days a week, I walked across the Cambie Street Bridge to my Vancouver Film School classes in Yaletown. On the weekends, I bought my comics and saw movies on Granville Street (where Mooby’s will set up shop). I literally learned my craft on the mean, clean streets of this British Columbian paradise,” Smith said on his Instagram.

“And after eating tons of Canadian cuisine over all those years, I’m delighted to moooove Mooby’s authentic fake fast food across the border to the true north.”

Smith fans with an appetite for fictional-food-turned-real can book a table at the Vancouver Mooby’s pop-up by visiting

Starting March 15, Mooby’s Hater Totz and Cowtipper double-patty burgers can be delivered to your home through Skip The Dishes.