Dole and McDonald’s launching fat-free golden pineapple sorbet in China

Source: Fresh Plaza

On April 21, Dole, an international fruit brand, and McDonald’s China jointly launched a new product for the early summer market – Golden Pineapple Sorbet, adding a zero-fat and zero-burden option to the summer chilled dessert market.

It is reported that this sorbet uses Dole’s golden pineapple juice and introduces cutting-edge technology to create an unprecedented smooth texture, which perfectly reproduces the charming fragrance of the fruit. As a western dessert, sorbet refers to the smoothie made by freezing fresh fruits and juice without adding milk, cream, or other ingredients, and its texture is similar to ice cream. Modern consumers are paying more and more attention to low-fat diets and balanced diets, but at the same time not giving up their pursuit of delicious food. Therefore, taking into account the needs for both taste and health, the sorbet launched this time is sweet and fat-free.

Since entering the Chinese mainland market in 1998, Dole’s golden pineapples have gradually become a beloved star product thanks to their characteristics such as no salty brine, no need to cut the eyes, convenience, and deliciousness. Currently, around 35 million pineapples are sold in China every year. Since 2018, this product has become a star exhibit at the China International Import Expo and has been reported by CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Dragon TV, and many other media. Earlier, Dole had worked with many well-known tea brands to develop a variety of tea products based on this product. Now, this project with McDonald’s brought the delicious flavor of Dole’s golden pineapples to the field of chilled desserts.

The Dole brand was established in 1851 and has since developed into a large multinational group specialized in the production and sales of high-quality fresh produce. Dole has cooperative customers across China, supplying more than 1,900 stores in 11 national supermarket chains, 26 well-known local supermarket chains, and 31 well-known boutique fruit chains, servicing more than 190 urban areas. Entering the Chinese market in 1990, McDonald’s has more than 3,900 restaurants across the country, bringing convenience to customers through business platforms such as restaurants, home delivery services, McCafes, dessert stations, and drive-throughs.

The new Golden Pineapple Sorbet jointly launched by the two parties will be marketed in 28 cities across China in more than 2,000 McDonald’s dessert stations. It is believed that this product will become the new favorite of consumers in the early summer.

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