DoorDash Announces New Safety Features For Liquor Delivery

Photograph: Shutterstock

DoorDash has launched new safety features for alcohol delivery in the United States. Enhanced dual ID verification gives the company an extra tool to help ensure that alcohol is delivered in a safe and responsible way.

In addition to safeguards the company already has in place, Dashers will now be required to scan the front of a customer’s ID with the DoorDash app to verify their identity prior to completing the delivery. After verifying the customer’s identity and checking for any signs of intoxication, the delivery may be completed. Customers will also be reminded that they must be at the door with a valid ID when the delivery is being made.

Demand for alcohol delivery has only grown since DoorDash expanded the program last year. While alcohol delivery has benefits to both merchants and customers, it also opens up additional earning opportunities for DoorDash. In Q4 2021, U.S. Dashers earned, on average, almost 30% more on deliveries with alcohol than on non-alcohol deliveries, says DoorDash. The company also estimates that adding alcohol may increase restaurants’ and grocers’ average customer order values by up to 30%. For convenience stores, that number could be up by more than 50%. 

“At DoorDash, safety is a top priority and our goal is to deliver alcohol in the safest and most responsible way possible,” said Erik Ragotte, DoorDash’s General Manager of Alcohol in a statement. “With today’s announcement of two-step or dual ID verification, we’re setting a new industry standard for responsible alcohol delivery. The new safety measures will help ensure alcohol is delivered to people over the age of 21. We will continue to innovate and find even more ways to promote responsible alcohol delivery.”

The two-step or dual ID verification procedures have already been implemented in Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Phoenix, Portland, Oregon, Seattle and Northern Virginia.

“NAWLEE applauds DoorDash’s commitment to safety and strongly supports their ongoing efforts to promote the safe, responsible delivery of alcohol,” said Kym Craven, Executive Director for the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, in a statement. “Not only do the new features make it even harder for minors to get their hands on alcohol and help prevent underage drinking, the service can help keep impaired drivers off the road.”