Dutch potato processor continues, with new partnership

Source: Fresh Plaza

André Aasman owns ASN, a Dutch potato processing company. He has found new partners. They are Anton Riezebos and Corné Kodde, co-owners of Polder Potato and Aard Robaard, who owns the fruit and agricultural farm, De Meerhof. Not only that, André will continue this new partnership in a new location.

ASN will establish itself at Polder Potato’s premises. A new processing warehouse still needs to be built there. It will house a new office too, which both ASN and Polder Potato will use. Construction will start once the building sector break is over.

With this, André’s reached a goal. “We’ve been working wonderfully with Polder Potato for almost four years now. This company already supplies about three-quarters of the potatoes we process. We’re currently still working from two product locations. After the new building is finished, we’ll have everything under one roof. And we can work much more efficiently from that new production site. This mutual step forward offers many benefits for both companies. We’ll be well-equipped for the future,” he says.

“Potato processing has made great strides in recent years. That includes the fields of cold peeling, as well as pre-cooked products. There are also good expansion opportunities for fresh French fries. We’ll soon be able to carry out all these activities in a single modern product location.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected ASN’s processed potato product sales last year. Indirectly, the hospitality industry turned out to be one of our products’ big buyers,” adds André. “We missed out on those sales. But once the hospitality industry reopens, the market will recover.”

From farm to fork is a popular slogan. That will become a reality, thanks to our very short, mutually realized chain. Together with Aard, Anton, and Corné, ASN’s ready for the future. We’re very confident about it. We’ll achieve an enormous logistic advantage by joining forces at a central location. It’s fantastic that we can soon accomplish that,” concludes André.

For more information:
Email: info@asndronten.nl
Email: info@polderpotato.nl