Ecotrophelia UK finalist on cereal bar idea

Describing the product in this three minute video, Lebrasse said: “It’s a snack bar, chewy, crunchy, sweetened with apple puree. It’s got hazelnuts in it, made with ingredients that are made through agroforestry systems – a special type of cereal called YQ wheat.”

YQ wheat is organic and is used for making sourdough bread, pastry and cakes, producing stoneground wholegrain flour, retaining the nutrients and flavour of whole grain wheat. YQ stands for yield/quality and one of the reasons it has caught the attention of speciality, artisinal bakers is that it does not need herbicides, fungicides and fertiliser to deliver high quality genetically diverse crops at consistent volumes over time. The EU changed rules requiring seeds sold to be distinct and uniform in 2017, thereby allowing YQ wheat sales within the Common Market.

Agroforestry is attracting intense focus at the moment as a sustainable farming method offering substantial benefits to the global food chain, combining trees and shrubs with crop and livestock faming systems.

Tailored to the four seasons

In addition to YQ wheat, the four initial cereal bars ReGen proposed would be tailored to the four seasons, using ingredients only available at certain times of year.

Watch this video to hear Legrasse explain the other eco-friendly features of the product concept, including its packaging.

Now in its ninth year, the Ecotrophelia competition celebrates innovations made by food students and helps guide their careers in the food and drink sector.