Ecuador reinforces prevention actions against Foc R4T due to its possible presence in a South American country

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of Ecuador received an alert about the possible presence of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Race 4 Tropical (Foc R4T) in a South American country, which hasn’t been officially confirmed. The agency issued a statement urging the sector to reinforce specific actions to prevent the entry of the plague into Ecuador.

The Agency has developed 11 specific technical standards that focus on the exclusion, suppression, and eradication of the pest if it appears in the country; one of these is the National Contingency Plan, updated in December 2020.

In recent years, Ecuador has led the prevention, detection, and control of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Raza 4 Tropical (Foc R4T) by carrying out control of international passengers and their luggage, disinfection of passenger footwear and cargo vehicles at land control points, disinfection of 100% of the containers that arrive in the country through ports, and the implementation of biosafety measures in production sites, among other actions.

According to Diario Expreso, it’s possible that this devastating pest for Musaceae is present in Peru, in an area far from the border with Ecuador, but that produces other fruits and vegetables that Ecuador imports, such as avocados or onions.

Faced with this alert, Agrocalidad proposes reinforcing several actions in the agricultural production chain:

Informing all the parties involved in the Musaceae agro-production chain about the situation.
Immediately implementing and strengthening biosafety measures at production sites.
Providing technical cooperation within the scope of its competence to strengthen phytosanitary surveillance at production sites and phytosanitary control at internal and external control points.
Informing the Agency of any symptoms associated with the plague via the telephone numbers 1 800 247 600 or 09 6270 1050, by email ( or, ), through the Agromóvil app, or by contacting the closest offices nationwide.