Ecuador will continue banana exports: no fungus detection

Source: Fresh Plaza

Last Friday, Ricardo Falla, the country’s trade commissioner in Moscow, said in an interview that Ecuador will continue to grow and export bananas, since no infectious fungus dangerous for fruits has been discovered in the country.

Earlier, media had reported on the risks of disruptions in the banana supplies due to a highly infectious soil fungus Tropical Race 4 (TR4). The fungus was previously found in Asia and Australia, but has now spread to several South American countries main exporters of bananas. Some crop areas in Colombia and Honduras have already been closed.

“Ecuador will continue to grow and export bananas. This is concerning the supplier’s side. We do not think that prices will rise,” Falla said in response to the question whether disruptions should be expected.

Falla stressed that the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture found no evidence that the fungus Fusarium TR4 has spread in the country. However, the government has strengthened control and biosecurity measures at the border with Peru amid reports that Lima confirmed the threat of the soil infection on its territory.