First fully biodegradable and plant-based potato packaging format launched in Spain

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Valencian company Patatas Lázaro is joining the “zero plastic” revolution as a pioneer in its sector with the launch in Spain of the first fully biodegradable plant-based packaging format, which has just become available in Spanish supermarkets.

It’s the first time that a potato distribution brand in Spain is using this innovative and fully sustainable packaging format. It is made from paper and bamboo mesh and features water-based inks and vegetable-based glues, which make it fully recyclable.

Under the name “Planet Lovers”, Freshnatur’s new product is being packaged at Patatas Lázaro’s plant in the Valencian town of Puzol and is available to consumers in a 2.5 kilo format. This new packaging format has the Freshtech 4.0 technology seal, thanks to which the product’s traceability is guaranteed at all times. It also includes instructions for storage.

The launch is part of a broader concept that Patatas Lázaro has embarked on and which the company calls “Terrología,” an amalgamation of “tierra” (Spanish for soil) and “tecnología” (technology), and a reflection of the company’s tradition of the past 75 years.

“With the launch of this 0% plastic and 100% biodegradable packaging format, we are becoming pioneers in our industry. It is something that today’s environmentally-conscious consumers are increasingly demanding and we are totally on the same page,” said Cristina Lázaro, Director of Business Development and Marketing.

“As a company, Patatas Lázaro stands fully behind the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The new eco-friendly ‘Planet Lovers’ packaging is having a direct impact on SDG 12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 14 (Life Below Water) and SDG 15 (Life on Land),” she says.

Award for best packaging in food sector
“Our innovative policies have also already earned us recognition in the packaging sector. For example, our packaging from the Freshnatur range received the Best Awards 2020 distinction, the only food marketing awards given in Spain. We were rewarded there for our creativity, innovation, design quality, emotional connection and the message the packaging conveys,” said Cristina Lázaro.


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