Florida officials ban citrus pesticide approved near end of Trump administration

Source: Fresh Plaza

Yesterday, Florida agriculture officials announced that the insecticide aldicarb, that was approved by the Trump administration for use on citrus in January, will remain banned in Florida. The department cited a U. S. Environmental Protection Agency legal response last week to a petition filed in a federal appeals court in March by environmental groups. They were challenging the agency’s Jan. 12 approval a week before Trump left office.

In its April 12 filing at the Court of Appeals in Washington, DC., the EPA acknowledged that it did not make a determination of the effects of aldicarb required under the Endangered Species Act.

Deborah Foote, Acting Chapter Director at Sierra Club Florida, told Politico on Tuesday her group had asked the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to revoke the pesticide’s registration.

In the DACS announcement on Wednesday, Foote said: “Despite the Trump EPA approving its use on citrus, Commissioner Fried has taken a courageous stand by denying its use in Florida, sending a clear message that the health of our farmworkers, public health, child development, and environmental quality will not be compromised by approval of extremely hazardous chemicals in our state.”

Photo source: Dreamstime.com