Food Manufacture Excellence Awards finalists: Future Talent Award

Atif Alam, Moy Park 

Throughout his graduate programme Atif Alam has taken lead in multiple projects at the company. 

During the time he had to work from home, he was tasked with launching its Technical Academy’s online presence. He created and launched an interactive online website which now has every technical member from every site across the business. 

He created an onboarding programme for new Quality Assurance (QA) team members. He also led a welfare improvement project which comprised of trials from the factory to the farm, data sharing and trend analysis on all birds processed. 


George Fenn, Hovis 

George Fenn has rotated through the Commercial Function at Hovis during his Business Degree Apprenticeship. He embraces and adapts to change readily and is adept at Change Management. 

During his Marketing placement, he led the implementation of the Hovis Marcus Rashford Taskforce Full Time meals campaign. This campaign led to media coverage for the brand. He also delivered a PR campaign linked to a donation of 250k loaves of Hovis product to FareShare.

He has worked with marketing agencies to delivering the strategic plan and more recently owning sales accounts and executing the commercial strategy of the business.


Patrick Jackson, Raynor Foods

Patrick Jackson approached Raynor’s in 2013 while at secondary school, keen to enter food technology. 

After finishing his secondary education, he was accepted into the University of Cardiff to study Food Science and Technology. During his sandwich year he applied for a placement as an assistant food technologist at Raynor’s and quickly became a key member of the team.  After gaining a first-class degree and came back to Raynor’s.