Four organic Peruvian products with the greatest export potential for 2021

Source: Fresh Plaza

In Peru, these four organic products have the greatest potential for agro-export this year: ginger, cocoa, organic coffee and blueberries. In 2020, shipments of these foods amounted to US$ 485 million, equivalent to 7% of non-traditional exports that year.

Experts agree that ginger is the organic food that exhibits the greatest potential for this year, since Peru gained speed as a supplier of this product worldwide already in 2020. This was partly due to the difficulties faced by its Chinese competitor.

Last year, Peruvian shipments of organic ginger increased 132.6% in weight, compared to 2019, and 169.65% in value, due to the better prices obtained for this highly valued food. Organic production represents 70% of total ginger exports in 2020.

Susana Yturry, manager of Agroexports of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), pointed out that last year Peruvian ginger experienced a boom. Before the pandemic, China supplied the main markets, but after this many importing companies from the United States and Europe (especially Germany) sought to change suppliers, which gave Peruvian exporters the opportunity to show the attributes of your offer.

Cocoa, organic coffee and blueberries
Cocoa is another product that is growing at a high rate and that shows more potential for this year, says Mario Ocharan, director of Promperú’s Export Promotion. Likewise, Ocharan highlights the increase in organic coffee exports, which already represent 8% of total coffee shipments and totaled more than US$ 59 million.

Among organic fruits, blueberries surprised by an important growth in their exports. In 2019 shipments totaled US$ 686,000, while in 2020 this amount rose to US$ 31 million. The growth was partly due to the increase in its price, which went from US$ 5 per kg in 2019 to US$ 7 on average in 2020.