France: Célestine and Sauvageonne asparagus

Source: Fresh Plaza

The asparagus of Camargue, although late due to the cold, are finally here and ready to revive the communicative and enthusiastic interest of consumers. On the shelves, the white Célestine and green Sauvageonne asparagus of Camargue represent a real spring boost.

Revival of a vegetable on all levels
The long-awaited asparagus of Camargue are finally here, to everyone’s delight. “They are here, beautiful, crisp, not stringy and the quality is exceptional. When the season ends, I already look forward to the next spring,” claims Gilles Goujon, one of the starred chefs who made the asparagus of Camargue the key product of their high-end and delicate cuisine.

This desire to highlight the quality of the French Célestine and Sauvageonne brands is evolving and can be found at all levels. Producers, business partners, who have adapted to offer this vegetable to a majority of people, and consumers who have discovered an accessible vegetable driven by collective popularity.

“The old fans are happy to enjoy the Célestine again for its traditional side. And the young generations have embraced the green asparagus because it is easy to use and for all the creativity it can be associated with, in pies, à la plancha, in the oven … anything is allowed,” explains Didier Crabos, director of Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée.


One passion: spreading local flavors and values
This season is full of hope for the asparagus producers working alongside Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée. “We are expecting a promising harvest, with 300 tons of white and green asparagus,” claims Serge Amouroux, producer of white asparagus and Camargue wine for nearly 50 years. Behind the Célestine and Sauvageonne, we find the signature of Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée: “Producers of true flavors”.

Producers who are proud to offer the best of the asparagus of Camargue, a region which gives a slight salinity to the delicate white asparagus due to its location near the sea, and a nutty aftertaste to the green asparagus, typical of the inner land. Pronounced flavors recognized by fans and clients who are excited to find it again.

The renewal of interest for these asparagus is very encouraging for the new generation of traditional Camargue producers who are motivated to carry this delicate and demanding product.

A sustainable commitment synonymous with respect
This level of demand among Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée producers only increases the exceptional aspect of this product attached to its territory. A local production rooted in its native Camargue and coastal marshland classified Natura 2000.

“This remarkable environment deserves the greatest respect. That’s why we are committed to HEV (High Environmental Value) certified farms that preserve our territory. It is all the more true when it comes to an artisanal production like ours, where each asparagus is harvested by hand,” explains Bruno Vaissière, development manager at Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée.

Working harmoniously with this land rich in biodiversity implies being aware of its impacts on nature. This concern for the environment and desire for a completely transparent proximity to consumers will be found even in the packaging. The trays for the Célestine and Sauvageonne products are entirely plastic free. By listening to societal expectations, Cofruid’Oc Méditerranée anticipates their demands by innovating and perpetuating the relationship between producers and consumers.

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