Fully compostable packaging for sustainable tomatoes

Source: Fresh Plaza

Kamarino is the eco-friendly ethical brand developed by Azienda Agricola Dorilli dedicated to sweet and crunchy tomatoes, grown in Sicily and placed in fully compostable packets. Three tomato varieties – cherry tomatoes, red salad tomatoes and Marzanino tomatoes – are cultivated on the Ragusa coast, where the soil and weather conditions contribute to a unique flavor even children like. 

The packaging is fully compostable: the film is made of corn starch, the tray is made of vegetable paper and the inks and glue are also of vegetable origin. It can therefore be disposed of with the organic waste to reduce its environmental impact. 

The full production cycle holds the LEAF certification, a guarantee that all company activities respect nature. Kamarino is also an ethical brand, as the company cares for the wellbeing of its operators and has chosen to only work with highly skilled and suitably remunerated operators. 

The produce is grown by local growers and technicians (98% of them are based in the area) who have been passing on their knowledge for generations, combining it with the most advanced technologies.

Kamarino is available in three versions: cherry tomatoes with their sweet and crunchy flavor, salad tomatoes sold in 400 g punnets and boasting a persistent aroma perfect for flavorful salads and Marzanino tomatoes with their oblong shape and sugary core.

The company also aims at reducing its environmental impact making both its production and commercialization sustainable.

Kamarino is therefore focused on a modern sustainable agriculture which, however, does not renounce the value of tradition and the pleasure of bringing the best Sicilian tomatoes to the table.

For further information:
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