Government sets up strategic plan to counter post-harvest losses of fruit

Source: Fresh Plaza

The Tanzanian government has set up a strategic plan that is aimed at encouraging the establishment of small scale industries across the country, in an effort to reduce fruit post-harvest losses. Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Exaud Kigahe has stated that, in addition to establishment of processing industries, there is also need for having cold storage facilities which are also crucial in minimizing losses.

Kigahe was responding to a question by MP Fakharia Khamis, who wanted to know how the government was helping fruits framers to reduce losses after a bumper harvest. She urged the government to encourage Tanzanians to invest in processing industries, especially in regions which produce more fruits to curb the losses and enable farmers to benefit from the business.

Kigahe responded that the government is aware of the losses incurred by farmers and it has started taking measures to address the problem. “Through Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO), we have set up fruits processing factories which use drying technology to avoid the losses,” he said.

The Deputy Minister noted that the government is responsible for ensuring reliable market for agricultural produce, including fruits. He added that the government plans to find reliable markets for agricultural produce, including encouraging local and foreign investors to invest in small scale, medium and large industries through Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), Tanzania embassies abroad and the government at regional and district level.


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