Grenada positioning itself become major fresh produce supplier in southern Caribbean

Source: Fresh Plaza

The government of Grenada has stated it is in the first stage of implementing a strategy that will result in the island becoming a major supplier of fresh produce in the southern Caribbean. This comes after the recent inability of St Vincent to meet its obligations as a result of the erupting La Soufriere volcano.

Agriculture Minister Peter David stated that the volcano, which has been erupting since April 9, will create a food shortage in the region and Grenada is placing itself in a position to reduce the impact of the fallout. quoted David as saying: “It is going to have a long-term serious impact on St Vincent and I dear say food availability in the southern Caribbean. Food security is an important issue for us, and St Vincent has been in a sense a major producer/supplier of many agricultural products including livestock.”

“We run the risk of increased prices, we run the risk of shortages and we run the risk of having a negative impact on the food situation in the southern Caribbean,” David added, admitting that  the disruption in crop production and pending food shortages had been a factor prior to the eruption of the volcano.

“We have already looked at several government estates to determine what we are going to produce but we have to first determine what the market demand because we have to produce what the market wants,” said David, reminding reporters that St Vincent and the Grenadines is well known for its mass production of roots crops which as tannia, sweet potatoes and dasheen.