Grocery’s biggest disruptor: Digital Smart Labels


Are you ready to compete in the digital age?

February 19, 2021

Stay ahead of the game with Digital Smart Labels™, Danavation’s state-of-the-art technology that automates pricing and product information in real time. Danavation is modernizing the retail game and disrupting the market with revolutionary solutions that make it easy for grocers to eliminate outdated pricing strategies; beat the competition; and ensure prices are
accurate across all selling channels.

The future of retail automation is here


orangesDriven by cutting-edge IoT automation technology, Digital Smart Labels™ utilize a strong sub-1GHz radio frequency that can easily pass through walls and other obstacles—meaning the labels are guaranteed to update in even the busiest—and harshest—of retail environments.

And the solution goes beyond pricing—with Digital Smart Labels™, grocers can leverage big data and integrate dynamic marketing tactics into their business strategy to activate in-store promotions and campaigns, respond faster to competitor activities, and hyper-personalize the customer experience.

If that hasn’t convinced you, the company behind Digital Smart Labels™, Danavation Technologies Corp.™ has solid relationships with many of the major retailers in North America, and is the only electronic shelf label provider founded and based right here in Canada.

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