High pricing on field cucumbers

Source: Fresh Plaza

Pricing is strong as field cucumbers move into transitioning supply regions.

“When we hit this time of year, transition is upon us and the markets jump which they are,” says Tony Incaviglia, vice-president of sales at GR Fresh based in McAllen, TX.

Pricing is strong on field cucumbers and anticipated to stay that way for the next few weeks. 

Currently cucumbers are coming out of Culiacan, Mexico. “We’re waiting for our summer regions to get going here mid to late-May. Then we move to Torreon, Coahuila, MX, which is six hours south of us here in McAllen. We’ll also start in the Parras Valley region as well,” says Incaviglia. The start time of those upcoming regions is anticipated to be as per usual even though things are delayed slightly. “The weather is turning around a bit and it’s getting warm down there,” he adds.

Consistent, high demand
Demand on transitioning supplies is strong currently. “Demand has been excellent and that’s due to our overall quality, consistency and contracts. Open market is suffering a bit because of those contract commitments and it impacts open market availability, at least on the super select end of things,” he says. “There’ll be select, some large and plain grade cucumbers available but retail quality, even foodservice-quality, is affected a bit during this time.”

Incaviglia also hopes that as vaccines continue to be distributed and foodservice outlets reopen, demand will strengthen.

Right: Tony Incaviglia

All of this is leaving pricing strong on cucumbers–between $25-$28 depending on grade. “It’s possible a $30 market is in our future,” says Incaviglia. “Strong pricing is going to be here for at least the next three weeks until those new growing regions are ready for production.”

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