Hin Fresh Company celebrates five years of existence

Exactly five years ago, Ivo Hin started his own business in the fruit and vegetable trade together with his father Ronald: the Hin Fresh Company. A few years later his brother Bas also joined the company. “My father was delighted to share his experience in the fruit and vegetable trade with us and to set up a company together. When he passed away unexpectedly this summer, it was a major blow for us. Despite the corona crisis and his death, we ended the year on a positive note. We are proud to continue the business,” says Ivo.

Ivo and Bas Hin

The working method has hardly changed in the five years that the company has been in existence. “We respond in a tailor-made way to the demand of our customers in the retail and wholesale channel. We have found the right partners to support us in this. We have proactively approached our retail customers with, among other things, product introductions, aimed at packaging and experience, which is unique in the fruit and vegetable world,” says Ivo.

“We provide our customers with the entire range, but peppers, aubergines and round courgettes are our main products. From the start of the company, we were mainly active in the Belgian, German and Irish markets. My brother Bas, who is responsible for Business Development, focuses mainly on developing new sales markets and that is bearing fruit, in recent years we have also taken more and more steps in the Scandinavian market,” says Ivo.

He looks forward to the new year with confidence. “It is an uncertain time for everyone, but with positivity and the right mindset you can go a long way. We are therefore working hard on plans for the future. We certainly want to grow in the next five years, but within the plans of our business model, so in a sensible and realistic manner.”

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